celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day four

This Is The Day

It’s the day I’ve waited for my whole life

Today is the day I become a wife

Today is the day I get to share

My love and commitment with those that I care

It’s the day for tears, for smiles and memories to keep

It’s the night before I didn’t get any sleep

It’s the morning in the kitchen with my best friend

Having champagne, breakfast, the speeches are penned

It’s the flowers I send to my love in her room

With a note to say I miss her and I’ll see her soon

It’s the dress and the hair, the make up and shoes

The photos, the nerves, and the laughter too

It’s walking down the aisle filled with joy and pride

I freeze frame the moment I turn to my bride

This is the day I will never forget

I’ve loved her the moment our eyes first met

Emma Brand, 29, Hartlip near Sittingbourne.

Comments on: "day four" (1)

  1. Loved this – happy imagery.

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