celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day twenty two

He? It? She!


That *awkward* relationship.

Standing in the bus shelter.

Speaking highly of your lover.

“What happened to your boyfriend?”

Well I guess he went undercover,

Once she climbed out of the closet.


“Oi mate check this lad out”

Her top’s a little tight,

I can bet you they have noticed.

Her jaw line strikes my attraction.

But only their lurid attention.

Almost like that “newspaper”,

And failing “entertainment” they are viewing.


I’m almost tired of hearing,

“Why she’s sitting on your lap love?”

Perhaps because I have more to offer.

Than some inconsiderate genital featured face.

Or in your terminology;



And I’m moaning and I’m whining,

“So why not stay at home?”

To avoid that painful conversation.

When awkward are your relations.

And they approach your space without thinking.

Only to give no question in audio,

Because they don’t believe it plausible.

When we should come far from being her and him? Or it?


Siobahn Deborah, 24, Canterbury


22nd January 2014

©TwiceTheTaste Poetry (of Siobhan Deborah) 2014





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