celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day two


Sentient dogs and juvie seagull pleasures.

These stones in this spot and this moment’s float alone on in and out wash.

Practice for when we’re grown and time to dive for more than just the fought over trailing bladderwrack and plastic that could be crustacean shell bonus on the day.


JJ, 50, Brighton

Comments on: "day two" (6)

  1. I’m loving those juvie seagull pleasures, thanks JJ

  2. dear fiona, hope you are well and that the business is booming! one of your pretty bottles appeared at my party courtesy of sam last week so the merchandise is moving in the world!  can i submit something ? it’s seven hundred words long, is that too much? and it was published in “Glitterwolf, issue 6” on online queer magazine does that matter? thanks for doing this again it’s brilliant, are you coming to our rebel dykes of the eighties do at the Marlbourough in brighton on the 20th feb, if so you might want to book early it’s selling out! Love to you and jennie, maj

  3. the piece! if it is too long or you prefer unpublished can i try with something else??

  4. Glitter wolf is great – sorry to butt in! What’s your piece? I think I’m in the same issue 🙂

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