celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day five



I didn’t get it!

Around about the age of 13, my sister and all of my friends went daft. They suddenly started to get stupid and giggly over boys we had known for our whole lives as scabby little scoundrels we wouldn’t give the time of day to.

I just didn’t get it!

My sister spent hours in her bedroom, mooching over some boy and listening to love songs with a gormless look on her face. I found myself a boyfriend or three just to try it out.

But I still didn’t get it!

At 17 I was desperate to leave home so I joined the Army. (Please don’t judge me, I was young!) On the first day we got a warning about girls being ‘over friendly’ and were advised to steer clear.

I didn’t get it!

I few weeks in, I was walking across the base when a girl jogging towards me tripped and fell. Smack, down on all fours at my feet; with admirable dexterity and lightning wit she got herself up on one knee, looked into my face with huge beautiful brown eyes and said, ”Will you marry me?”


My belly did a few Olympic standard flip flops, blood rushed to my nether regions, my heart went super-nova and I suddenly understood the words to every love song ever written.






Megan Williams, 60, Mid Wales.

Comments on: "day five" (7)

  1. Ha!! loved this – fantastic.

  2. Awww I love the way you capture the young voice interspersed with the older narrator and what a joyous tale, thanks Meg

  3. Fabulous Meg, made me smile and laugh xxx

  4. I love this wee story great made me smile

  5. meg you are brilliant, you catch us on a line and then reel us in like mackerel (don’t judge me vegetarians) do a book babe?

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