celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day seven

Twenty 2:


Thrown up against

The glass windows of the midnight

Buried in rain

Buried on doorstep

tasting your drenched out hair product on your face

to your lips.


With memory tastes

my mouth tastes now

like it tasted you then.

The water from the sky

Fed my body

So it could build to love you.

It fed my arms to adore you

Manifest that love in ways no one else could.

Chambers of my heart sing!


Taste me on the streets

On escalators

At restaurant tables

At a desk

At an open window.

In the rain

When glances across your imagination are so real you can touch them from across the room.


Want me

Go on

Miss and want me

Reach for me across train platforms

Look for me

With the deep rooted notion

That search

That sense

That taste of every midnight

Of every glass window


Of every rain.



Adam Lott, 35, Kent

Comments on: "day seven" (4)

  1. head-spinningly gorgeous! I read it and re-read it and it just got richer and richer, thanks Adam.

  2. So evocative

  3. Beth James said:

    Love this. Beautiful. ♡

  4. Yeah, fantastic! So much in it

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