celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day twelve

Have It Their Way


Judged and guilty of fornication

You’ve been condemned to hell’s damnation,

Caught in bondage, tied in rope

Heaven’s gates are beyond hope.


Don’t risk being shunned for being gay

Just shut yourself down, watch what you say,

Don’t wear whatever turns you on

Fear the thugs and religion’s con.


Don’t walk the path you feel you should

Swap good for bad and bad for good,

Stand on high ground, judge the others

Forget they are your sisters and brothers.


Sexy thrills are just depraved

Don’t be yourself, it’s ill behaved,

Always fear what others may say

And lurk in the sump of Sanity Bay.




Have It YOUR Way!


Why not have a thrill a day,

Be sexy, daring or downright gay?

Oh, to live life free from fetter

But sometimes handcuffs can be better!


Fear not the judgement and disdain

Of those who’d wish us hate and pain.

Hearts, fly free and swift as a dove

The God I understand is love!


So what’s the harm in a bit of bondage?

A slight rope burn might need a bandage.

A bit of play with a teacher’s cane

Hardly writes one off as insane.


Get hit with pies and covered in soup

Followed by custard and spaghetti hoop,

Life is more than just to survive

Make others smile ‘cause you feel alive!


The erotic love of being gay

The sacred beauty of same sex play,

To wear the clothes that turn us on

Go, live YOUR life, be glad you’re born!



Katie Bainbridge, 46, Penzance, Cornwall

Comments on: "day twelve" (1)

  1. Really love this heartfelt poem. Go live YOUR life. Brilliant.

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