celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day seventeen



Glimpses of moments running in the park

Holding, gripping hands

Of deep solid want

Or love?

In the darkness


Chewing gum.

Intense mind.

Listening to his every move

Every thought of the

next action

The next gift of



By surprise

Chest fast


Emotion to physical.

Desperate to

See you

Hands on you

Suck the tongue out of me.

Do you always play

The hurt

The hurting

The needed


It makes you cuter



You couldn’t bare that I couldn’t gift you it.

Only left

With the same beats

That sent us to sleep on the carpet tucked away in a strange central line

London flat.

Me? Years later still

Left forever sleeping

Outside your bedroom door in halls

While you fuck some trade.


Left forever waking

Outside your bedroom door in halls

Taking my danced off ass

To the 2pm daylight streets.

The docklands waters

So quiet on New Year’s Day.


For myself now

A gift, a shiny new place.




Adam Lott, 35, Kent





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