celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day three

So much to feel, as Halifax beef eaten and steaked out with Christine and John; who love and have loved, feed my envy of calm post seasonal night out, just two who know and find the places in the years, northern local shapes we share,

and then my familial wonderings of will he want one of his own?

Seed of the generation war,

where dramatist tales will give tears and the pain of how it is to a song lyric;

haunting a starved chance as you just try with what you have and wait for harsh weekend words that speak of flow and ending,

78yrs towards a time we only know will, not when,

and blue shirt checked joy repeats the care





JJ, Brighton



Comments on: "day three" (2)

  1. aww that line ‘just two who know and find the places in the years ‘ makes me well up – your words encapsulate so many connections and memories , thanks JJ, fx

  2. Thanks Fiona, lovely to have the month to submit some bits again! Jx

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