celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day ten

Signs of love



That inimitable twinkle

As you said

“I think I’d get bored

On the other side,

So I’d probably send

Mischievous signs

To those I love.”

Carefree belly laughs

Connected us

As if by an umbilical cord

One to the other.

I wish I felt like laughing now.

Though you would probably prod

Me to, for the sheer synchronicity.


Your absence

Shows its presence

In new and varied ways.

And it weighs –

It weighs,


On my soul

And on my life.

And I wait,

I wait

For your signs of love,

Which I sense

Are more vibrant

Than that burnished orange of yours

Draped around benevolent Buddhas

Transcendent of this gap

Between the visible and the invisible,

Of the seeming space between our two worlds,

And which I know soar

As high, higher

Than those peak experiences

Our souls spoke of

And high above

The steadfast mountain peaks

Of your majestic Isle of Skye.

Oh, but I miss you hon.





Nicola, Brighton

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