celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day fourteen


Whispering to the Moon

When you’re no longer there

When your breath stops, becomes just air

Will I be here to remember

Your vitality, your flair?

Will I rage with sorrow?

Beg for another tomorrow?

Will I whisper to the moon

“Why was she taken too soon?”

Will I rage and lament?

Howl my discontent?

Or will I find consolation

Gazing at starry constellations?

Will I find comfort there,

Imagine your light still exists somewhere?

Or will the breeze that lifts my hair

Only add to my despair?

Will the wind’s ghostly fingers

That caress and linger

Remind me of your touch

Of which I could never get enough?

Or will the flutters of the leaves

Fill me with ease?

Each shift and sigh

A sign that you did not really die

That you are still here with me

That your heart beats with mine

Our souls entwined

Our love not be denied

Death is not the end

We will transcend

Any obstacles placed in our way

Our devotion will hold sway

One day we will be reunited

Our love reignited

We will whisper to the moon

“Don’t let it end too soon”

For there is only one certainty:

We are bound for eternity




Cerys Russell, Dover

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  1. beautiful love story

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