celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day eighteen


by Butch Barbie, Liverpool



I love my dog

and my cat

my Mum

my friends

my gay family


I love being in Love

even when She breaks my heart

As does happen

To me



But I fall again

Into that wonderful abyss

the butterflies

the stomach flips

the twang in the groin

the ache

the desire

the yearning

the wanting

the panting

the kiss

The Release!


I escaped from Love

for many years

She distracts my brain


Just when I forgot

about Love


She snuck up on me


Remember Me?


I do.


You hurt me

again and again

But I did miss you

I am glad you are back

How long will you stay?




That wasn’t long.

Where is my dog

and my cat.


Hello Mum

Hello friends


I love YOU.






Comments on: "day eighteen" (2)

  1. beautifully conversational, glints of humour through feeling disheartened, love it,


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