celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day twenty eight


We stand up for the lookout


Joining hands, heart, spirit and voice

we danced on the tip of a cruise missile

demanding decommissioning of nuclear weapons

we frustrated authority by being leaderless, articulate, non violent protestors


circling the base a thousand women strong



Abseiling angels in DM’s

we upturned the Lords’ apple cart

appealing to Queenie’s assumed better nature

flat top suffragettes

we chained ourselves to her front gate

gnawing wretching at rotten section 28

eventually spitting it back to the gutter

where it came from and where it belonged


marching ten thousand queers strong



Spirals of freedom, cultivating womyn’s lands,

women in tune with nature’s cycles, peace, fairness and love

connecting linking rejecting violence against women

malevolent misogyny patronising patriarchy


rising up a million women strong



Forever weaving our web

forever spiraling

forever resisting

Gung-ho leadership invading Iraq

Wherever we started we still come from that place


Hush! Put your ear to the conche and you can hear the demands of the Greenham echoing through the years

“We want better.” “Not in my name” “We want better.” “Not in my name” “We want better.” “Not in my name”


protesting millions of people strong




Fiona Thomson, Margate

Comments on: "day twenty eight" (3)

  1. Wow, fantastic piece. Full of the power of Womens’ history and a reminder that we can force change. Definitely ending the month on a high note.

  2. thankyou Fiona for bringing us all together in this piece and in this project. an archive of febulous xxx

  3. Sheree Bell said:

    Brilliant ending to a wonderful month. I love the sense of history in this last piece – and a sense of potential too xx

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