celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day six

The Mermaid’s Sea. By MajIkle


Your call has dragged me into this inky swell with my clothes torn away, breath ragged, swimming for my life towards a mythical blue tail.


The penetrating moon fluoresces pink onto the mirror of sea when finally I crawl beside your incredible body. Begging you with foolish promises.


Your scales, softened by their immersion still shimmer unearthly hypnotic electric blue even this close to you. Silk skin of belly, breast and arms and face are the colour of human ochre but your eyes are vast pools of spellbinding dark light. Your beauty engulfs me till I cannot remember a time when I did not love you.


Waterfalls of hair seaweed curl around us both as you pull me close, bidding me look to the stars to see our story being told but below the water you are insinuating yourself between my slick legs.


My eyes ache from staring, unable to believe you are real even when I can smell the salty tang of my strong secretions but you urge me to let you continue to explore the space inside me.


You are fascinated with my treasure cave. You tell me nothing can stop you from slipping inside the opening into my heart. Beguiled I willingly let you further and further in until you fill me entirely.


Your hands encounter no resistance in my boneless body, as they orchestrate their storm, my voice bellows a tempest wind as your urgency heaves wave upon wave of sea out from me. Splashing like babbling streams, some hidden iceburg has melted finally.


Then before you push me off your rock to play with my newly formed iridescent tail, you whisper deep inside my shell that all of our sea is made from secretors like me.

Comments on: "day six" (2)

  1. beautifully transposed me

  2. Fine Oceanic musing!

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