celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day seventeen

Says the Man…


Make America Great Again,

Says the man,

Who makes America hate again.


In the military we’ll have no Trans,

Says the man,

With tiny hands.


We’re gonna build a wall,

Says the man,

While his approval ratings fall.


We’re gunna drain the swamp,

Says the man,

Who demands all of the Pomp,

And circumstance of a military parade,


Even though he didn’t serve his dues.


He’s a man informed almost solely by Fox News,

With little depth and perception.


Now is the time for insurrection,

Time to make a stand,

Time to bring together this monumental band,

Of brothers and sisters, of queers and hipsters,

Of trans folk and lesbians, of Muslims and thespians,

Of immigrants and women, of pussies that ain’t for grabbin’!

Of Mexicans and beefcakes, of libtards and snowflakes,

Stand up for your rights, time to stand, time to fight,


And we must, because needs be.


Time to send the puppet in chief,

To get in the fuckin’ sea!


                                                                        Kelly Tonks, Folkestone

Comments on: "day seventeen" (2)

  1. great current protest……’In the military we’ll have no Trans,
    Says the man,
    With tiny hands’ what a great line

  2. yep bring on the insurrection!

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