celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day twenty two

‘Hello’ I say as I’m wheeling up the road towards them…mini gang of lads tumbling off the grass verge in front of me squealing with delight!

‘We’ve got a frog!’

‘Wow have you?’ I say

‘Yeah do you want to see it?’


Out comes a large blue margarine tub half full of water and bits of grass and with a small plant pot submerged on it’s side.

One of the boys delves his hand into the pot and lifts up the frog affectionately to show me, it’s quite subdued and not making much attempt at escape.

‘We’re taking it ‘ome’

‘That’s exciting…where did you find it?’

‘In the grass over there’

‘It might need to get out of the water to breathe’

‘Yeah we know we made air holes’ he says showing me the blue plastic lid with jagged perforations across the top

‘And we got it a slug…look there’ he says pointing at a slug making it’s way up the side of the tub. Sliding the frog back into the pot their attention turns back to me..

‘Is that a wheelchair?’

‘Why have you got that?’

‘Is it because you can’t walk?

‘Yes I have a disease that means I can’t walk far’

‘What’s that thing for by the wheel?’

‘It’s a switch to turn the batteries on so I can get up the hill easier’

‘Can I have a go on it?’

‘No not now, I’m on my way home’

‘Where do you live’

‘Over there on Bates Avenue’

‘What number?’

‘No don’t tell him what number!’

‘You guess, it’s between 1 and 28′


‘Ha ha you’re clever!’ Anyway I’m off now, good luck with looking after your frog…goodbye’












Comments on: "day twenty two" (3)

  1. everyday beauty through all of this piece ….another gem in the treasure box, JJ, ta

  2. Both loving and sensible response to the boundaries with kids issues, delicate portrait x

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