celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day twenty four

Up yir arse!


“Just pop behind the curtain, pop this gown on, pop your pants off, pop onto the couch and I’ll just pop my finger into your back passage…. “

Artex ceiling tiles, one two three four…eighteen rows, one two three…twelve columns, eighteen times twelve, two hundred and sixteen, six surgeries, six ceilings; one thousand two hundred and ninety six tiles, forty two departments, six surgeries in each, two hundred and fifty two surgeries, fifty four thousand one hundred and eighty tiles –

“Just going to pop some barium porridge in now”

Pop goes the fuckin’ weasel in me!

“Why don’t you just pop your latex-gloved hand back in your nasty Asda mostly polyester pocket and pop right off matey!”


Fiona Thomson, Margate



Comments on: "day twenty four" (2)

  1. Oh yes I feel your rage! ‘Pop up on the bed’ ‘I’m not a fucking 2yr old’ infantilise me just when I’m trying to keep it together to have some dignity, that will help!

  2. Brilliantly funny and horribly familiar.

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