celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day two

Vision from the Bandstand at 4 0’ Clock!


“Lucky Kim”! That’s what they call her!

And “Slim Kim” and “Trim Kim” too!

She is fleet of foot and fit for her age

and her heart is good, and true.


But will she be “Lucky Kim” today,

on the day she most needs good luck?

For Lolita has told her to meet her

by the Bandstand at 4 0′ Clock!


Kim’s head has been completely turned, …

by this vigorous, voluptuous, Venus

At 80, she’s like a nervous youth, terrified of being spurned!


Kim has brought flowers for Lolita and even written her verse,

but what will Sue have brought her?

The worry of this, makes Kim curse!

Here is the poem Kim wrote her, surely, she cannot resist? ….

“Lolita darling, walk with me a while

making memories while we smile

from the moment we first met

to the Bandstand, where our love was set.


Through our consuming ecstasy

through unbridled honesty

through the rapture in our souls

know it is your love, that makes me whole”.

By Kim. ♥️XXXXX


Then, from a distance she saw them, Lolita was with Sue,

Kim’s heart nearly stopped when she saw them kiss, and then saw Susan go..

Raging she wanted to kill her, – Kim needed Susan gone!

But what could she do? – Kim felt so foolish, and so low.


Lolita waved and turned giving Kim a lovely smile,

Her heart quickly melted and Kim hurried towards her “gal”.

Upon reaching her she said, “Darling, I have to know,

will it be me or Susan whom you choose to be your beau?”


She suggested they walk towards the shore and kicked off her shoes to paddle,

Up on a rock she read Kim’s verse, and her immersed feet did waggle!


She loved Kim’s romance, she loved Kim’s verse

she so admired Kim’s flowers,

Then at last she said, “I know who I want”! ….

Kim held her breath, while she held Kim, in her powers. ”


It’s been hard”, she said as Susan has a lovely car,

and she’s useful, good at D.I.Y.

We planned to travel,

both near and afar …


But Kim she said, it’s you I want, because you’re such a good lover,

And thinking about your romancing, ahhhh! … has made me see no other!


by Jenny King

Deal, Kent.

Comments on: "day two" (5)

  1. very fond…made me smile…thanks Jenny, x

  2. Sweet! X

  3. Meg Merrilees said:

    A lovely, heart warming poem. xx

  4. lovely lovely lovely

  5. Karen Finley said:

    love it. made me smile

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