celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day ten

2020 vision.
I saw my life, not a wife
Not a mother, hoped for a lover
Tried the guys, then got wise
I found my tribe, I had the vibe
Found THE woman, then became human
Decades passed, it did not last
When we split, life was shit
Years being single, nowhere to mingle
I met a guy, we both felt shy
A very old flame, but we’re not the same
A spark reignited, I’m not short sighted
I see the future, a new adventure.
Chrissie, Wales


Comments on: "day ten" (4)

  1. took us far and wide, back and forth with few words – very skillful writing

  2. Jenny King said:

    Clever writing to get so much into so few words.

  3. Meg Merrilees said:

    Very clever poem. A journey to love.

  4. rich story economically told. made me think of human need for connection and change and ageing and life shifts…. so much to think about from this poem!

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