celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day twenty two

Jen loves sweet peas



There’s a home grown movie screening on our window sill

frame by frame by silent frame





Slow motion


Opening close up shot is my index finger

pressing 2 hard seeds deep into a small pot of dark compost

then filling in the dimples

with the love of an attentive mum tucking in her toddler.


Shot widens revealing seventeen pots more

a mix of black and terracotta

gathering with the expectancy of baby birds

warm in the nest


Zoom in and slow fade on my index finger

pressing 2 hard seeds deep into a…….




2 weeks later


pan of sprouting seeds

some tips like shiny youth burst towards the light

others already straggling green shoots of varying heights



4 weeks later


morning scene opens on my micro jungle of leafy green shoots

tracking shot follows me out to the garden

past deep purple swaying anemones

lantern fallen over through the night storm while we deeply slept

a pile of logs and kindling glowing in the sunrise

zoom in on my hands stripping back branches

to make a pile of small twigs





 5 weeks later


By popular demand there’s a re-run of the movie



 6 weeks later


opening wide shot of pots of greens wandering round the makeshift canes

while others stray

and  there’s a stirring in the earth of the newbies




I’m anticipating an absolute abundance of sweet peas

to plant out for you

many coloured blooms and particular delicate scent

bringing you pleasure

between May to September







Fiona Thomson


Westgate, Kent

Comments on: "day twenty two" (3)

  1. Meg Merrilees said:

    Absolutely beautiful Fiona. I was there growing with them. So visual. X

  2. I love the way you’ve introduced a voyeuristic element to this lovely piece via a camera’s zoom lens to highlight the very visual result from the beginning, the planting, to the end result of growing the beautiful different coloured scented sweetpeas for Jen. The time lapse is clever too. I felt I could really see these seeds, plants, and finally blooms through the camera’s lens. Beautiful and clever.

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