celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day six


“You’re like me. Aren’t you? “

I was mortified.

(wha?!! Am I fuck!!)

(I’m nothing like you!)

“Come, sit here.”

(Help me)

Bla bla bla “Do you like Elvis?’

(why are you doing this to me)

(I don’t even know you)

(you scare me)

(your hair is horrible)

(I’m NOTHING like you).


On holiday. Portugal.

A Kiss.

From a girl.

(i’m nothing like you)

Kiss Breasts.


Years later.

Car Crash.

(I could’ve died. Died and never been with a girl)



So fucking corny. Totally by accident.

I’m one of them.


What do I do?

You’re a natural.



Butch Barbie, Liverpool

Comments on: "day six" (2)

  1. aww this is a gorgeous piece of denial exploration transition and discovery – love your humour running through, thanks Butch Barbie

  2. That’s fantastic, a whole coming out story in a few lines. Love the last line. 😉

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