celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day three


Back when I was a shiny youth

I marched upon a rainy street

 A wild sea of women talking with their feet

 I heard the thunder of a thousand voices shout

In righteous anger for our right

‘Reclaim the night’

‘Reclaim the night’.

Then in my burnished middle years,

I saw a million women rise,

For an end to domestic violence,

 we chanted at the skies,

 And again a tumultuous sea of women,

In their anger roared,


Now in my tarnished age

I hear a million, million voices soar

An insistent susurration along a thousand shores.


And when a million, million voices speak,


This time let no mean no forever

And let forever mean forever more.

Meg Williams

Comments on: "day three" (5)

  1. thanks for the memories and reminder the struggle still goes on….loved the pace and structure …felt like I was walking in time

  2. Great piece and so true feel like we are going backwards

  3. Love the language..’burnished middle years’ yep feel that and all the million foot fall, strikes me as so sad too

  4. yes fantastic, you capture the continuation of a struggle that should have been done and dusted already and the collectivising it causes x

  5. Yes, it is a little sad that we fight the same battles over and over. It is also very positive that we never give up!

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