celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day four



Yesterday in Brecon a barn owl, screeching out her hunger to the ink black night,   landed on a frozen line,

And, as four hundred volts passed through her undetected,

she released

a veil of icy particles, that floated down

to a frozen ground

already white and dusted with fine snow.


Following this line some 85 miles, – this line

That generates a billion plus of sterling corporate profit,


This same line

beneath the same frozen sky of leaden snow,

Two men, in an abandoned Cardiff depot, lean against a pole

Furtively sharing a pipe

of crack cocaine;

seeking a comfort, that hungers still for more.


Settling, they soak in what love and heat their bodies offer the other

Under a blanket and tarp, that even in this frozen air, emanates the slightest odor of stale piss.

And in their sleep they hope their night will pass, for once, unmolested.


Two miles away retail outlets burn and blaze their profligate profits into the empty night.


I.M.                             Jan 18

Comments on: "day four" (3)

  1. evocative moving powerful writing….love the sense of places and experiences woven together…….want more

  2. Love the imagery and the juxtaposition of waste and want.

  3. Yeah terrible contradictions well expressed

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