celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day five


New red wellies ​

and a paradise of puddles.​

Watching the water drop like shiny glass beads,​

as vivid as time lapse.​

My dog meeting me from school​

cosying into her kennel​

Smelling  of straw and warm puppies.​

Sharing love.​

Secret den,​

a couple of old doors​

leaning against the back of the shed.​

Glorious isolation​

but of course the secret​

was only in my soul.​

Playing in the pain cold stream,​

Lifting stones.​

The flash of an eel,​

a caddis fly in her clever little house,​

made of a hundred colourful stones.​

Such brief visions​

but I can hear, ​

smell, touch and feel them today​

as clearly and magically as I did then.​



Megan Williams


Dolfach, Mid Wales



Comments on: "day five" (6)

  1. what a fantastic artist you are Meg painting such strong imagery and conjuring such strong nostalgic emotions, thank you, Fx

  2. Sweet memories xx

  3. Jenny King said:

    Beautiful imagery. Wistful.

  4. Dens and red wellies. This takes me back ….. so evocative Meg.

  5. Dens and red wellies …. took me right back to my own childhood. Evocative Meg. Lovely

  6. Karen Finley said:

    love your use of language so descriptive and tripping off the tongue. a lovely journey to go on

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