celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day six

I love rainbows.

The colours are distinct, bright and appealing.

The significance of the rainbow for LBGTQ?

Solidarity, Individuality and Diversity to name a few.

For me they represent the same but more.

No individual is the same, physically or emotionally.

Our daily challenges are not the same.

Our choice of identity is not the same.


A rainbow presents itself as raindrops catch sunlight.

When we may feel sad, scared, tearful

and there suddenly appears that ray of hope.

If you were to choose a rainbow colour what would it be?

Do particular colours signify anything specific for you?

I wonder why we are drawn to certain things; certain people.

Just like colours.


Red, for example, represents danger. Yet a ‘red’ sky is a wonderful sight

and signifies a sunny day to come.

It is the colour of romance.

Are romance and danger so similar?

Colours represent many things and can inspire and even depress.

Next time you see a rainbow visualise what each colour represents to you.


Red was my late mum’s favourite colour. It signifies warmth.

Yellow has got to be the sun and hope.

The rest – if you know me take a guess……..



Anne Stevens




Comments on: "day six" (3)

  1. colourful food for thought……

  2. takes me on a journey through my rainbow! Shared on twitter.

  3. Jenny King said:

    What a lovely idea to look at a Rainbow 🌈 when next we see one and think about the colours and what they mean to us. What a lovely thing to do. Thank you.

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