celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day twelve

Mother’s prayer for xmas day



Lord, grant they all sit in peace in front of Dallas,

In harmony with Christmas carousel,

Muffle the sudden wit or caustic comment

that breaks the peace and raises merry hell,

I cannot cook and serve a Christmas dinner

and try to keep the peace as well.


Dear Lord, prevent the older generation

provoking confrontation, face to face,

like father going on about the Falklands

and mother on the theme of women’s place

and asking why a lot of silly women

are dancing on a US missile base.


Please grant the children keep off awkward subjects

like plastic bullets ‘stop and search’ or race

don’t let them call the police ‘the filth’ or argue

for legalising pot …or make a case

for women’s rights to instant free abortion

or for giving Sappho’s verses pride of place.


and for god’s sake lets keep Laurie Anderson down to 10 minutes at a time.





Dr Joan McDonald 1921-2019

Submitted by her daughter Harriet

Comments on: "day twelve" (3)

  1. fantastic snapshot, great writing and humour, thank you Joan and Harriet, X

  2. Meg Merrilees said:

    Love this. Very droll and can imagine my mother saying that stuff.

  3. Jenny King said:

    I really love this! You can feel the nervous tension build, the desperation that all the responsibilities of Christmas fall on mother, but you know her humour will keep her sane! Great!

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