celebrating and creating our own LGBTQ+ history in honour of Sheila McWattie

day thirteen


And so it goes…

More lies burst free like bubbles

surfacing in pools of water.


Admit nothing,

You don’t have to.

Your silence speaks volumes.


Aware of the irony,

my framing of you as bad all along.

My sickness fit neatly with your shame.

And so it goes…


The other truth…

The love between us,

that meant we were unable to part.

Your arms today are safe and strong.

And so it goes…



Deb, 49


Comments on: "day thirteen" (3)

  1. powerfully written piece on the complex aspects of an intimate relationship, thanks Deb, X

  2. The contradictions in-between – uneasy and unsteady ground. Well captured.

  3. Jenny King said:

    This is powerful. There’s deep sorrow in this, the feeling of being trapped in a web of lies but at the same time knowing things are wrong, but yet still not wanting to let it go. Really wanting those arms to be “safe and strong“. Cleverly written. Very sad.

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